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Beveraux, Maine - A (Now) SSP Drawing City


I feel pretty crummy for doing this, but I just have found that I don't have the talent to creat a full-sized Sketchup city.
I just don't have the capability, so I've resorted to using other people's drawings to create a pano of what I had hoped would look like a skyline of Beveraux, Maine.
I had actually created a history, which I guess is lost now, in the lost threads of the forums.
For those that don't remember where I put Beveraux, here it is on the map.

I don't feel like I can take any credit for this. I just picked and chose which buildings would look good in a skyline of a city like Beveraux, and photoshopped it up, and the result is here. Anyway, I hope the drawings' artists aren't mad at me for using their drawings, and I hope you enjoy!




Fancy Brochure Pano

This will likely be my last update with Beveraux to close it off, although I may re-attempt a Sketchup city based on the old buildings of the old Sktechup city if people call for it.

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