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Originally Posted by Hali87 View Post
We are getting to a point where we will have to balance height limits against the rate at which we are willing to demolish/redevelop older/smaller buildings.
One of the weird views that I hope really will go away in the future is the idea that capping building heights leads to more stable neighbourhoods and heritage preservation. Some people even think that height limits make housing more affordable; they are confusing cause and effect. Desirable neighbourhoods tend to get shiny condo towers. Developers' power to turn undesirable neighbourhoods into expensive neighbourhoods by building towers is limited. If the Toronto condo developers all decamped to Detroit they'd go bankrupt pretty quickly.

This is a prime 30 storey building site because it's on two wide streets and there's a desire to preserve the character of the side streets. There are few candidate building sites so the heights need to be taller to achieve the same population density. Hopefully the need for more population density on the peninsula is something else that more people are starting to understand. It used to be so common in Halifax for people to demand low population density and high service levels, but they're a trade-off.
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