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^Egads ... That thing is awful. It looks like a disgustingly bland box trapped in a prison to prevent itself from escaping to make other disgustingly bland boxes.

I think if anything this speaks to the hit or miss quality of university architecture. I practically grew up at ASU and it took me years to appreciate all the modern-era boxes there. Then there are other buildings like Coor and Computing Commons that rock.

Still, the south building tho is unfamiliar to me...and I agree, it is a mistake on every level. It is curious that it of all things is such a wretched example of Southwestern Mediocre.

I don't hate the north building but I always figured a design college would have a ... designed ... building. It looks like a bit of a joke in retrospect.

I like the discussion this has generated. I would encourage everyone interested to send an email to let everyone know about how you think the system should grow.

The incoming ABOR president Ernie Calderon's email is calderon [at] .

The legislator who could make this happen is Rich Crandall, his email is rcrandall [at]

It's really nice to think that college reform in Arizona could happen in a reasonable timeframe. Who knows, maybe we get an academic building boom like ASU itself went through in the late 1950's when they upgraded to a university.
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