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Originally Posted by trigirdbers View Post
I think ASU will end up being your average run of the mill state U no matter what happens, its just too big to attract the student body with high #'s that a prestigious U needs,
Right thats the point, how can ASU ever be good when the UA controlled ABOR forces them to educate the entire state? Michael Crow and ASUs leadership as well as leadership in the city of Phx want them to be a top flight research school, but their simultaneous mission is to educate the entire state.

Free ASU from the ridiculous task of having to educate everyone in Arizona whos literate and they'd flourish. Creating a multi tiered system allows for more specialization, and isn't specialization almost always a good thing?

Look at all the other schools youve mentioned, they all exist in states where some students just looking for a cheaper option can go somewhere else like Eastern Michigan or Cal State Fullerton.

Originally Posted by trigirdbers View Post
However, I think UofA could be brought up to this level given time. Its already a tier 1 university (ranks 96th) according to US News. Its also already quite strong in the sciences. What is needed is a clear differentiation between it and the rest of Arizona universities.
UAs been given every imaginable advantage in the world since 1885, how about we switch it up, just for a change of pace? ASU & UA should both be top flight research schools like I had in my flow chart. It doesn't make much sense to have only one top flight school in such a big state (thats growing quite fast as well) and have it being not in the biggest city.
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