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Originally Posted by Ned.B View Post
^There is an existing pedestrian easement that passed along the south side of the 321 lobby. The city required that this be maintained, but now it wraps south around the addition for RPM. The path is now a bit more circuitous and it it going to pass right through the middle of RPM's outdoor dining area. It's also been narrowed significantly, although the width of the choke point passing between 321 and the hotel next door has been maintained as the narrowest point. The stairs are still there, but now they face north away from the direction of the pedestrian flow, rather than angling people toward it.

In theory and legally, the public pedestrian path still exists, but it is yet to be seen if people will sill use it with the extra twists and turns and the affect of walking right through the fine dining crowd.
A bit ....

Note there does not appear to be the easy access from the bridge to the River Walk - used to be a set of stairs on the SW corner, now you will need to walk up the ADA ramp for 1/2 block, then double back.
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