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Originally Posted by Keith P. View Post
Victoria is the main north-south route for traffic in old Dartmouth, not Alderney. Except that once you pass Thistle St it doesn't allow access to downtown easily as you cannot continue without a detour around the cemetery. This would fix that problem.
I don't see the traffic flowing that way, however. The main routes I see to/from and through Dartmouth are Magazine/Victoria/MacKay Bridge, 111/MacKay Bridge, 118/Woodland/Victoria/Nantucket/Macdonald Bridge, Portland or Pleasant/Portland,Alderney,ferry or Macdonald Bridge via Wyse. Maybe Victoria would factor into it if you opened it up, but I don't see it as being a major impediment at this time.

Besides, other than the ferry, there aren't throngs of people needing to get into/out of downtown Dartmouth these days. It's typically the people looking for the fastest way to get 'through' Dartmouth to Halifax from the suburbs or from places outside the city like Enfield and Elmsdale. So I don't really see the need to make and expressway to the downtown through the cemetary at Victoria...

Interestingly enough, it's a very timely discussion given the 1971 proposal that Sam Austin posted yesterday:

I shudder to think of it as it would have destroyed the neighborhood in which I grew up.

From Sam's post:

Imagine Victoria Road as a sunken expressway cutting across Dartmouth, demolishing half of the Flower Streets, an overpass at Thistle Street, all of the cross-streets like Cherry and Russell cut off, and a giant roundabout at the foot of Maple that, in some future phase, would have its own flyover ramps Cogswell style. Sullivan’s Pond adjacent to a spaghetti interchange of fast moving traffic? Truly an awful vision, but pretty standard thinking for the era.
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