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Originally Posted by Obadno View Post
No reason to engage in hyperbole. Comparing an Old Mill and record store to the Luhrs tower? Really? Is that what I said? No it isn't calm down.

Circles and the Mill aren't icons of history like Grand Central or the Wriggly building they don't have an architectural grandeur or importance (oh my god a circle window!!!) The developer could flatten circles and build a replica of the rotunda and nobody would know the difference.

The Mill is only worth saving because it has given Mill Ave the name, however if the street was called like Goldwater Ave, the mill would already be gone for a more useful development.

Buildings like circles wouldn't even be worth mentioning in Chicago or New York the only reason it is here is because people are desperate to pretend that it is some sort of iconic gem when it is at most a nice piece of nostalgia for children of the 60's and 70's

Im more interested in the Desoto Building, Westward Ho and Luhrs. The Hilton Garden Inn did a great job, But circles? Of all the buildings to care about? Circles? Really>???
Hyberbole, sure, but your horrid or not worthy comments regarding projects you don't particularly like because they're not pretty, doesn't mean they shouldn't be saved for other reasons such as, oh, I don't know, history perhaps? They said that about the Orpheum Theater years ago when they were developing Phoenix City Hall. THe interior was a disaster and many thought it was not worth saving. Have you been inside since it's restoration? One of the most beautiful theaters I've ever been in and that includes Europe. So a little room for others who care about historic preservation (regardless of whether you think it's worth saving so it can be replaced by a non-descript high-rise building).
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