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Unfortunately it is hard to coordinate development so that it only happens on empty lots. I'm pretty sure the lot behind the library is owned by Dalhousie and earmarked for development, for example. Developers can only buy what's available and can only develop what they own. The city needs a lot more development than there are perfect proposals so some of the imperfect ones need to move forward too. This one is pretty good.

I think preserving the intact residential area south of Clyde is a nice compromise. North of Clyde is really downtown at this point. It's a high-density area.

It's exciting to think of what Spring Garden will look like if and when all of these developments are completed. It will have a high enough population density and large enough base to support a lot of foot traffic and interesting businesses. It will be like the kind of neighbourhood you'd typically see in a much larger North American city, and it'll be the only one of its kind in the region.
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