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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
It is kind of insane. On that same block there's a 4 storey "Clayton Park Special" apartment building or condo built only a few years ago. It was a real disappointment for such an interesting site, but now it's being followed up by a development that's probably got four or five times as many units. The North End has similarly changed dramatically -- nothing happened there for years and now it's hot. I think it's great.
The whole area from north of the MacDonald, across to NSCC woodside, and inland up to Banook and the Hawthorn school area, I think this is about to explode, it is the most exciting area right now.

Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
Does the developer of this site own the canal itself, or would the daylighting be a public component? It seems totally reasonable to include daylighting as part of a project of this scale.
HRM owns the Starr property needed for the canal site - see below. I strongly support investing in this project from Dartmouth Cove to Sullivan's Pond.

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The canal is one of Dartmouth's most interesting and historic features and right now it's mostly wasted. The park along Prince Albert Road is a dud too. It should be so much more than a field with a path on it.
There is a plan but it keeps not being funded. All up it might be $20 million over 5-7 years, but a high end quality job tying the waterfront to the lake and canal system will really be the icing on the cake of the renewal of Dartmouth Centre.

Blue belongs to HRM:

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