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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Los Angeles Times, April 13, 1931

Old Central Station still had its full Romanesque façade in 1931, but, after years of being called obsolete, varmint-infested,
and dangerous, it was condemned by the Health Commission in 1930 but not totally abandoned for another 25 years. There
are dozens & dozens of articles in the Times pertaining to the station over its lifetime (1896-1955), many about its
inadequacies. Here's one:

Los Angeles Times, May 24, 1939

And yet it remained in use for another 16 years...

I could find no specific references to the change in the building's façade, such as if it might have been due to the 1933 Long
Beach earthquake, but your estimate of it occurring in the late '30s could easily be right, Beaudry. In May 1938 the
city's police budget included $50,000 for "improvements" to Central Station.

In the latter days...
Damn, that's good research. I was on the same track till I saw you beat me to it, and bless you for that. I still like playing the first several "beats" of LA Noire because they commence at Central No 1.

The story of Lincoln Heights jail...hell, that deserves its own Arcadia book, or website, or something.
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