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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
^ it's kinda hard to point your finger at detroit when the two biggest offenders of the destruction of historic high rises, by far, are NYC and chicago. i have a hard time imagining that you'd ever make such a comment about either those two cities being "intent on driving itself into the ground.".

yes, the destruction of the lafayette building in detroit was stupid and sad, but it's hardly an issue exclusive to detroit. or should i refresh your memory with pictures of the old mercantile exchange (and the parking lot that now occupies its site) here in chicago?
I'm not saying Chicago hasn't done stupid things, I'm saying that the destruction of Detroits high rises is far more devastating to the cityscape in the Long run than the destruction of a couple 20 story buildings in Chicago. Yes the CME was huge loss architecturally, but it didn't cause a massive gap in downtown Chicago that will never be filled. The problem with what Detroit is doing is that there will never be legitimate replacement to this building. In Chicago if you tear down a big building the worst that will happen is the lot will be open for 20 or 25 years. In Detroit it may never be filled again.
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