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JSED has a pulse?!

The Downtown Voices Coalition would like to hear your thoughts and ideas about an application filed for new development in the Jackson Street/Warehouse District area.
Please read the summary (below) and send your thoughts, comments and questions to Steve Weiss, the DVC chair, at If possible, send him your thoughts before our next meeting, on Saturday, May 9.

And here's how to read more about the application itself:

On the Downtown Voices Coalition website, right hand column under "Where can I find," there's a link to PUD information & cases:
The PUD in question is Z-78-08 (the third one down).
Tim Eigo

Phone: 602.340.7310
fax: 602.416.7510
cell: 602.908.6991

Downtown Voices Coalition is a coalition of stakeholder organizations that embrace growth in downtown Phoenix, but is mindful that healthy growth should be based upon existing downtown resources -- the vibrancy of neighborhoods, the strength of the arts community, the uniqueness of historic properties, and the wonderful small businesses that dot downtown. All of these assets should be stepping stones to be built upon, rather than shattered in the wake of downtown development.


Jackson Street Entertainment District PUD
It was decided at our April meeting to pull together a list of recommendations to present to the developers of the proposed Jackson Street Entertainment District, city officials, and affiliated interest groups. Because the developers have refined their plan, submitted their Planned Urban Development (PUD) proposal to the City, and begun their community outreach, this is the appropriate time to add our collective voice to the discussion.

The suggestion was made to organize our list of recommendations around DVC's ten priority issues. Doing so ensures we "cover all the bases" on all the things we've espoused since our formation in 2004. So please review our ten priority issues below, create a reply e-mail or Word document, and type under each or any heading what you would like to see added to, modified, or deleted from the project. If there are other recommendations you would like included that don't fall under these priority issues, feel free to add them at the bottom. I'll then collect all of your responses, organize them, and present them for group review and approval.

As background material for you:

* More detail about DVC's priority issues:
* Jackson Street Entertainment District PUD application (Z-78-08):
* Jackson Street website:
* Map of Warehouse District Overlay:
* Slide show of remaining Warehouse District historic/vintage

* You can also do a search within the Downtown Voices website on
"warehouse district" for past news:

DVC Priority Issues:

Affordable Housing:

Arts and Culture:

Coordination of Planning:

Design Guidelines:

Diversity and Cultural Inclusion:

Historic Preservation:

Locally Owned Businesses:


Public Spaces:

Stonewall, maybe. But Pumpkinville?!?
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