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Originally Posted by Azndragon837
^I like the design, but it better engage to the street (Both Univeristy and Mill Ave). Place retail and service frontage on both streets, and maybe student housing somewhere.

It looks conceptual, but it might be real. On ASU's website, the section that talks about Michael Crow's the New American University, the Will Bruder design is showcased on there, so this might be real.

I recall reading something to the effect that this would be a mixed-use project, so ground-floor retail should be a component. I'm pleased to think Michael Crow thinks highly enough of this to put it on ASU's website. ASU's newer buildings (the alumni building, the Lattie Coor building et al) are nicely designed. But for the most part, ASU is a farrago of Southwest Mediocre. The great thing about the Gateway project is that it really would tell the world ASU is not merely some oversized public university/party school, but a serious contender in new technologies and design. If realized, this Bruder concept would radically alter how people see ASU.

Originally Posted by camelback_road
Las Vegas has a new Grand Canyon-themed mega resort in the works. The image of a large canyon with clouds floating closely above it is definitely coming across.

I like it. I wonder was that spire jutting up from the center is exactly? Is it purely for aesthetics, or will it have some other purpose? Will people have access to it? Looks large enough possibly.

It would feel incredibly massive at street-level.
I don't know what that thing is. A carillion? FAA bait? But the vertical element counterbalances the overall horizontal effect and guides the eye into the complex. You can imagine how neat it would be at night with the proper lighting.
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