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Posts: 1,492 just wished a guy a painful death for talking about changing Wrigley Field. Time for you to step back and take a deep breath. Put that in perspective a bit and come back later.

Anyway, Wrigley Field won't be "lost" if they change the name. And they're not going to tear it down or renovate it TOO much because it IS the Cubs. If the Cubs played in Hoffman Estates or something people would slowly stop caring. The Yankees are about a tradition- of winning, Yankee Stadium has always been in the background, especially after the changes in the 70s. The Red Sox are about a tradition of being very competitive and almost (until recently) winning and a historic ballpark.

The Cubs are about the nightlife of the area, the ivy, the afternoon games in a gorgeous place. They're about watching games at Bernie's when you can't get tickets and partying with the crowd afterwards. They're about walking through the neighborhood around it drunk in a beautiful urban Chicago enviroment on a warm summer day.

The Cubs aren't about the team winning. That's beside the point. That's not why you go to a Cubs game. It's nice if they win. If they don't, that's cool too. Just like it's nice if Journey plays a great set, but the concert is still gonna be great for the atmosphere.

The Cubs know this. They know they rake in gate sales because it's more about the 81 concerts a year than it is about baseball. They're not going to move the Cubs or change Wrigley too much. So it's hardly "lost".
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