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Originally Posted by brankrom View Post
I live in SLC and like Hatman I would take the Boise Greenbelt and a real river and put it in SLC. Also Boise offers a strong local culture and every time I've been there I enjoyed the farmers market downtown and the strong sense of cohesive community. People out doing things Downtown Boise is far more active than Downtown SLC by a lot of metrics.

Denver: There is a strong presence of historic buildings and especially the urban parks like Washington, Cheesman and City Park.

I honestly can't think of ANYTHING either Denver or Boise would want to import from SLC... Maybe the closeness of Ski resorts and canyon/public land access but SLC gets the ass end of every comparison to those cities. Our large city blocks and wide streets make pedestrian spaces uninviting, much of our historic core has been destroyed numerous times.

Oh wait.... Okay SLC kicks ass with airport access. I fly from SLC to Denver and our HQ is in Lakewood\Golden and it literally takes a whole effin day to negotiate from SLC to Golden by plane... No lie 6 hours travel time by the time I eff around with the shitty car rental shuttle situation at DIA and then travel across the Metro I can drive it in 8. DIA is the worst airport I've been to, ever. I could use public transit and I might try it next time, but I'm still guessing a metric shit ton of time to get from DIA to Lakewood. I will try it next time, I'd rather use transit anyway but being stuck in Lakewood without a car just isn't appealing.
Denver heavily relies on its transportation hub status (especially since it's one of the most isolated major cities in the nation) -- and it did before it moved the airport. There is no way that Denver would be as successful as it is if the old Stapleton airport was still around...and there was no room for the kind of expansion needed. Based on the circumstances Denver had in front of them and the fact that DIA/DEN is regularly rated high on airport satisfaction/bests lists, I would say the Denver folks did it right. Plus, the world doesn't revolve around Lakewood or Golden anyway. :-) I know folks that are from other cities that LOVE how easy it is to get to their Aurora business location or East Denver headquarters.
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