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FROM SLC: I would take the view of the mountains over the other MW cities -- including Denver. Although SLC's nearby peaks aren't as tall overall, the dramatic view is better than Denver's. Denver offers a wide panorama that stretches across over 100 miles, but the viewplane isn't as impressive because the mountains are futher behind all of those foothills and the angled slope of the front range hides them a bit. The view doesn't nicely show off the many 14'ers you can still see from Denver metro as you can see of SLC's 12k and 13k peaks that are closer to the metro. I also like the street grid address system (400 E 3500 S) -- once you understand it, it is a cool system.

FROM BOISE: I also like the green/river belt, but I'll just switch it up and say that I enjoy the size and community feel of the metro. It has time to make the right planning decisions that many cities made mistakes on in the 50's-80's.

FROM COLORADO SPRINGS: They have less snow than Denver and also have a better view of Pikes Peak/mtns from their perspective. That's about all I would trade.
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