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Originally Posted by brankrom View Post
Oh wait.... Okay SLC kicks ass with airport access. I fly from SLC to Denver and our HQ is in Lakewood\Golden and it literally takes a whole effin day to negotiate from SLC to Golden by plane... No lie 6 hours travel time by the time I eff around with the shitty car rental shuttle situation at DIA and then travel across the Metro I can drive it in 8. DIA is the worst airport I've been to, ever. I could use public transit and I might try it next time, but I'm still guessing a metric shit ton of time to get from DIA to Lakewood. I will try it next time, I'd rather use transit anyway but being stuck in Lakewood without a car just isn't appealing.
You've heard of Uber right? It's this nifty thing you put on your phone, you click a button, and a car magically appears to drive you from the airport to your suburban office park. You should try it sometime. Rental cars for work trips are so 1990s. (But then, so are offices in Lakewood.)

Here's how I would get to SLC tomorrow. I would walk out of my office at 9:55am to get a car, arrive at DEN at 10:30-10:40, be through security by 10:50, board my plane at 10:57, depart at 11:27, arrive in SLC at 1:04pm, get another car by 1:34 (assuming a 10 minute wait, a coffee, and a pee) and be in downtown SLC right around 2:00pm. If it's taking you 6 hours, you're just not very good at travel and/or you need better office locations. I get to DC through Dulles in just over six, and that is an awful, awful place.

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