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A roundabout planned for Kalamazoo's East Side might be back on track to be constructed this summer / fall. The intersection of Harrison, Ransom and Gull streets sees more than 16,000 vehicles per day. An increase in vehicular traffic (and accidents) has been seen in recent years as the area has developed new housing and commercial businesses. The new growth is expected to catalyze more development in the future. One of the things holding up the proposed roundabout was a concern voiced by locals for safer pedestrian and bicycle access / passage around the turnabout area. That's seems to be at least partially resolved now, according to this MLive article:

Kalamazoo circles back to plan for roundabout on east side
By Malachi Barrett
May 01, 2017

KALAMAZOO, MI -- Plans to build a roundabout at a busy northeast Kalamazoo intersection are still alive. City Manager Jim Ritsema and staff gave an update on the long-stalled project at a Monday City Commission meeting. A roundabout at the intersection of Harrison, Ransom and Gull streets was originally unveiled in 2012 as part of new development in the River's Edge district, but has since been redesigned after residents expressed concerns about its safety for non-motorized travelers.
Here's a plan of the proposed roundabout, as designed by Wightman & Associates, Inc. Wightman happens to be relocating their Portage office to a site not far from this proposed roundabout.

Image Source: MLive | Courtesy City of Kalamazoo

And here's a street view, looking south on Harrison, just north of Gull Road:

Image Source: Google Maps

Official approval will be sought during the City Commission meeting on May 15.
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