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Arcadia Parking Ramp Study

Here's a parking use study I found for the Arcadia Ramp No. 4, which has 566 total spaces.

Image Source: MLive

Case in point, on a weekday eve, parking usage is calculated at only 14%, and on a weekend eve, just 10%. Even at its peak usage (weekday office hours), the ramp is typically less than 50% full. This is the ramp that is proposed to be sold to PlazaCorp for $3 million, to support the yet-unnamed hotel company that may convert the Rose Street Market (former Masonic Hall) into a boutique hotel. The property has been appraised at half that cost ($1.5 million), and even if it loses this ramp, the city already has plans to construct a new 1,000 ramp garage nearby, as part of the planned Arcadia Commons West development, anchored by a new county courthouse.

Image Source: MLive
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