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Originally Posted by Buffalonian View Post
Toledo, Ohio needs to be revitalized and grow into a major center. It has the existing infrastructure and it is conveniently situated between Chicago and Cleveland. Toledo has the potential to regrow its central city and its surrounding metro region to rival Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus. Now if only its business and civic leaders would strive for this scenario.
Both Toledo and Erie need to start pulling their weight.

Within Michigan, Grand Rapids is quickly growing into a major economic center of 2+ million people. The central metro area has roughly 750,000, but there is a huge ring if midsize and small cities that are becoming increasingly tied to the city. Muskegon (170,000+), Holland (100,000+), and even Kalamazoo (250,000+) are within the sphere of influence. Eventually I could see Grand Rapids become a sort of Atlanta, with a relatively small (but built up core) surrounded by thousands of miles of endless sprawl. It could easily grow into a metro of 3-4 million people over the next fifty years.
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