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Correction for St. Marien - Adding of Wismar St. Nicholas Church

Unofficial sources: ,
Building Name: Wismar St. Nicholas Church
Native Name: Nikolaikirche Wismar
Street Address: Sankt-Nikolai-Kirchhof 15
City: Wismar
Postal Code: 23966
State/Province: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Country: Germany

Interesting Facts/Records (in own words): The church had when completed a 120 metres tall tower. On December 8th, 1703 the tower collapsed and destroyed hereby many parts of the nave. It took until 1867 to repair all damages, however the tower remained considerably lower

Coordinates (with decimal fraction): 53.895613, 11.465051
- spire: 64 m
- nave: 37 m

Current Building Status (Built, Proposed, Cancelled, Destroyed, etc...): Built
Construction Dates--
- started: 1370
- finished: 1508
Unit count: 1
Structure Type(s): Church
Building Use(s): Religious
Building Style(s): Brick Gothic
Building Materials: Bricks
Corrections/additional information for St. Marien ( )
Coordinates: 53.891200, 11.462892
The tower had when completed a height of 120 metres, however its pinnacle was destroyed around 1500. The nave was heavily damaged at air raids in April 1945 and demolished with explosives in 1960. (source: )
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