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LONDONS CLUSTERS (and their debelopments).

London has many new clusters now and i think its easier to look at londons development and what towers are under construction cluster by cluster.
This is a list of what towers are undet construction in the different clusters. I'll start with


22 Bishopsgate 278m UC
The scalpel 192m UC
100 bishopsgate 173m UC
Heron plaza 135m UC
One angel court 101m UC
70 st marys axe 90m UC
One creechurch place 80m UC
London wall 77m UC
One new street square 70m UC
One fen court 69m UC
10 fenchurch 69m UC
70 mark lane 17fl UC
24-26 minories 17fl UC
Fleet building 66m UC
Goodman sachs 60m UC
Blake tower 16fl UC
Bloomberg place 16fl T/O
5 broadgate 69m T/O
12 new fetter lane 15fl T/O
Fann street ymca 16fl prep
80 fenchurch 77m demo
21 moorfields 17fl demo

One the undershaft 290m app
6-8 bishopsgate 168 app
One leadenhall 165m app
2-3 finsbury avenue 154m app
40 leadenhall 154m app
Beavis marks 85m app
130 fenchurch 79m app
Mitsubishi tower 210m pro
100-112 leadenhall 70fl pro
Leadenhall court 33fl pro
20 ropemaker 27fl pro
Citicape 52m pro
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