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They're already planning to build a new terminal. I'm just making it bigger (to replace all the terminals (not just the main terminal.) My main addition is removing and replacing a runway. The airport could be kept open while all this is happening. For some time, it may have to go down to one runway. The length of this period could be kept fairly short.

Doing this not only untangles LGA (the crossing runways limiting their simultaneous use), but also untangles JFK from LGA. The increase operating rates would generate significant revenue.

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It's an interesting proposal, however short of the existing runway 13-31, you're pretty much razing and rebuilding the entire LaGuardia Airport which would cost a fortune and just isn't feasible.

Going with your idea though, you could move the Marine Air Terminal into the corner currently occupied by Delta, and build a sort of checkmark shaped set of terminals with parking structure filling in the current end of runway 4-22.

Like you said, you could easily extend both the existing 13-31 and new 13-31 to accommodate larger aircraft.

It would be interesting trying to squeeze in parallel approaches though considering the current approach to 31 is already very tight to appease NIMBYs.
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