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Constanta City
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In Constanta, this end of the year is in a total oposition with Romania's economy hard hitted by the crisis.
So until december we have a lot of new retail openings: Lidl number 4, Billa number 2, the first Decathlon (the competition is already here: 2 Intersport and one Hervis); also Carrefour announced the opening of 6 Carrefour Market this year.
For the next year there are expected to be completed: KIKA, Hornbach and Corall Mall (with Cora as a major tenant-it will be the 6th mall in the city).

Also the european funds arrived and they started work on major projects: the reconstruction of the seaside prommenade in the old city, the reconstruction of the streets in the old city after the interwar model, the new seaside prommenade in Mamaia Resort and 3 custom made pedestrian overpasees also in Mamaia Resort.

Also Hilton obtained the building permit for a 9 storeys hotel in Tomis Marina, and Neocity group obtained the bulding permit for the extention of City Park Mall:multistorey car park, a new wing for the mall, a cinema, an office building and two 24 storeys towers.

But today i'll give you an update from "Henri Coanda" (wikipedia) Social Campus. While in other cities like Baia Mare they coose to separate the poor and homelesses that live in delapidate commies with concrete walls, here in Constanta we have a largescale social housing project (10.000.000 euro) and now there are u.c. 34 social housing apartment buildings gf+2fl. The units will be finished 17 in 2013 and 17 by the end of 2014.
Pictures from last week when the first 8 buildings were finished. The campus will also have a community center, a police precint, a medical center and of course a supermarket. There are 3 categories of residents:

-cat1: very old or with disabilities that won't pay rent
-cat2: very poor people that will pay only the utilities
-cat3: poor people that will pay a minimum rent 20 to 30 euro/month

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