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More good news.

Phoenix area light rail crashes drop sharply in 2010

Remember all those crashes involving Metro trains last year? The Valley’s light rail system averaged one a week in its first year. Two trains sustained severe damage and have been out of service for months.

There have only been seven crashes in all of 2010. All were relatively minor and all were caused by a motorist running a red light or turn arrow, according to Metro’s crash log. In four cases, police cited the motorist. Two crashes resulted in minor injuries. In one case, a motorist was treated on the scene. In other, the train operator complained of a sore back.

The most serious crash so far this year happened on March 18, when an 18-wheeled truck ran a red left turn arrow at the Interstate 10 underpass on Washington Street. Metro reported more than $15,000 in damage.

“I think people are getting more and more comfortable sharing the road with light rail. It’s a product of familiarity and of outreach,” Metro spokeswoman Hillary Foose said.

Metro has spent $277,000 on advertising and educational materials to get its safety message out, though much of that was before this year, when the number of crashes remained high.

“We are pleased the number of crashes is coming down and hope that trend continues,” Foose said.
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