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Joe - From the floor plans it looks like 23 + the mech. penthouse. Also, 5:37 A.M.? What the Hell are you doing up that early?

G. Sasso - Right. You can see in the last picture how the street is being built up about 2.5-3 feet, and then the site about two feet higher. Further down South Market and in the Southbridge neighborhood they get flooded out during really heavy rains, like hurricanes.

Damn I wish it would start to warm up. There's plenty of projects waiting to break ground.

Buildup - That's what it costs to get a nice house in Delaware, and especially in New Castle County. There's money in the area, mostly from companies like AstraZeneca, DuPont, MBNA, W.L. Gore, BankOne-Chase Manhattan-JPMorgan, Citi, Discover, but also law firms, and general professionals.

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