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Originally Posted by CityTech View Post
Thing is, every spot of land in the Greenbelt is just one more spot of land on the fringes of Barrhaven and Stittsville that is turned from farms or nature to houses. Land is going to be used up for the growth of the city, and putting it between existing urban communities makes a lot more sense than expanding outwards.
That's not true. Urban sprawl happens because city hall wants it to happen. It's the city that authorizes the expansion of the urban boundary. It's the city that grants permits. It's the city that says where and when those suburban developments happen. The fact that some land is being reserved from development by the greenbelt doesn't mean that an equal parcel of land somewhere else will invariably be used for development. Intensification is a real thing that can and is often used as an alternative to more and more shitty sprawl.
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