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Here's a very rough breakdown of where the equalization ~$20B could be from:
(you guys are welcome to tweak it if you want; I stuck to gross round numbers in all cases.)

Quebec ~$4B
Ontario (per capita contributing ~20% more than Quebec) ~$8B
Alberta (per capita contributing ~2x more than Quebec) ~$4B
BC (per capita contributing ~30% more than Quebec) ~$3B
Saskatchewan (per capita contributing ~2x more than Quebec) ~$1B
The Have Not Provinces rounded down at ~$0B

(we could obviously increase the latter contribution by reducing all of the have provinces'; I may have been overly generous with those. Maybe put Ontario at 15% more than Quebec, Alberta at 75% more than Quebec, BC at 20% more than Quebec and Sask at 50% more than Quebec; that should leave a decent amount for the other provinces.)

It's crazy to me (i.e. both laughable and worrying) that Corndogger seemed to think that if equalization were abolished, Quebec's $8.2B surplus would become a $4.8B deficit. That's not "if equalization were abolished", that's "if equalization continued as is now, with the one difference that instead of redistributing the $20B to the provinces that are deemed 'have not', the Feds go and put that $20B in liquid cash into a giant crate and permanently bury it kilometers under the surface of the Earth like it's radioactive waste".

Then yes, under that scenario, Quebec's deficit would be ~$4.8B.

(Of which ~$4B goes into the Federal Kilometer-Deep Equalization Crate, and ~$0.8B is the difference between Quebec revenues and Quebec expenses for this fiscal year.)

If his posts on the subject are representative of Albertan views, that's... pretty bad.
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