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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
Someone else brought up the issue of recycling, to the effect of "Why bother recycling when a lot of people don't?"

It's called doing your part, and Berkeley wants to do its part.

Some cities in California have banned the use of Styrofoam; your same argument can be used for that. But in California, it's often the case that when one city or county does something, then others start doing the same.

And anyway, this ban on natural gas doesn't apply to you, so why are you getting your panties up in a bunch?
I think it is worthwhile to point out who and what are the real producers of carbon emissions and thus causing climate change. Elizabeth Warren said this recently during one of those televised town hall meetings. Large corporations, particularly in the energy sector, want people to focus on things like plastic straws, meat consumption, and the relatively paltry amount of emissions most people cause in a day. That allows the companies who are actually responsible for the bulk of these issues to continue doing what they're doing, while these small issues consume all of the energy of what should be a larger conversation. Yes, everyone should do their part. But me not using plastic straws isn't gonna do a damn thing for climate change. Cracking down on Exxon Mobil and companies who are clear cutting the Amazon and Borneo would be real, meaningful action. Berkeley banning natural gas is probably a good thing, but it's more or less virtue signaling to their population.
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