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Originally Posted by UPP View Post
Not that I really care either way, but, people from Central America generally don't consider themselves North American. In fact, most countries in Central America even have it on their licence plates ie: Guatemala, Centro America or simply C. A.
I had a friend from Honduras but we've lost touch, haven't spoken to each other in many years, so otherwise I would ask him...

But anyway, from my understanding, Central Americans consider themselves to be Central American because they are taught that "America" is one continent, and America is divided into 3 regions, namely North America, Central America and South America... so they think of themselves as being from the Central America region. I think that's why for some Latin Americans it's annoying when people from the US refer to themselves as "American" when many Latin Americans would consider everyone in the "New World" as being "American."

But please, anyone, correct me if I'm wrong.
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