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Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
For New England in particular this is true, but there’s also a long history between Montreal / Quebec and Boston / New England. French Canadians aren’t exotic or even foreign; they own a quarter of all the summer properties in coastal Maine and Cape Cod (it seems). There’s Habs vs B’s, arguably the best NHL rivalry of all time. Lots of top students from New England view McGill as a Brown or Columbia peer. And Massachusetts did, you know, invade Quebec a few times - never successfully, mind you.

When I was in high school, Montreal was a weekend trip for 18 year olds. You could drive there in 6 hours, and at the time the drinking age was 18.
The drinking age is still 18 here.

And the girls are friendlier here. That's the wine and not the dad talking.
*An assembly of shareholders that likes to pretend it is a close-knit family, in order to maintain access to grandpa's inheritance.

Still a really nice group of people to spend Christmas dinner with, though.
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