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I used to loathe BIG's design, but over time I began to realize that I was more upset at the loss of Foster's building after 7 years of anticipating it to eventually rise. Having had 4 years to contemplate the BIG design, I've come to admire it. Sure, that one ground-level rendering from Vesey st. isn't the most flattering angle, but as others have said, it nicely evokes the twin towers when viewed from the Hudson. Given time, I firmly believe it will become accepted as part of NYC's iconography.


If it were in my power, I'd green-light Foster's building on-spec in a heartbeat. That being said, I'd also send construction crews back over to 3WTC to install the spires and cross-bracing. Unfortunately, neither of those things are likely to ever happen. At this point all I pray is that something gets going before the 20-year anniversary.

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