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Originally Posted by BrandonJXN View Post
MLS averages more people than the NBA and NFL. MLS is also expanding almost yearly. This year alone saw the debut of FC Cinncinati. 2020 will see Inter Miami and Nashville SC. 2021 will see Austin FC join the league and don't be surprised to see Sacramento Republic join in the not too distant future.

And to say the MLS is a minor league is a clear indicator that you don't watch it. MLS's popularity is as high as it's ever been and will only get bigger.

More than NFL? Not even close. And the reason it has more attendance than NBA and NHL isn't number of fans but size of arenas. NHL and NBA play many more games, so overall attendance crushes MLS. NBA and NHL have 82 games and long playoff series. MLB has 162 games(!) and long playoff series.

MLS is a growing sport in some regions, but you needed to get fact checked hard.
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