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Originally Posted by Skyguy_7 View Post
Apparently the property was transferred from state land to federal land, so the plaintiffs have no chance at winning the case.
A lot seems to have gotten lost in translation somewhere. There's no state or federal land involved.

The Chicago Park District transferred the land to the city, which plans to transfer it to the Obama Foundation. This is apparently an attempt to circumvent state statute, namely 70 ILCS 1205/10-7:
Any park district owning or holding any real estate is authorized to convey such property to a nongovernmental entity in exchange for other real property of substantially equal or greater value as determined by 2 appraisals of the property and of substantially the same or greater suitability for park purposes without additional cost to such district.
Of course, if the plaintiffs truly had no chance at winning the case, the judge wouldn't have last week allowed it to proceed.
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