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Originally Posted by Baronvonellis View Post
I think LSD could end at Sheridan Rd. at the bend by Calvary cemetery. With new lakefill there's plenty of open space there to make a good outlet to a busy 4 lane road.
There's not alot of traffic on LSD north of Foster now anyway, I don't think it would have to be as wide, maybe 2 lanes each direction as a parkway.
I always thought the lake-fill, road ext would be a boon for the RP. Increase and connect usable beach front. Protect beach from erosion. Create estuary for bird and fish habitat. Increase parkland and recreation. Remove NS through traffic from Sheridan. Decrease express bus times from Evanston and NS. And the big bonus, allow for a pedestiran/bike friendly road diet on Sheridan with better local and express service to loop. And more pleasant dining experiences with less traffic.
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