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Originally Posted by McBane View Post
Maybe hopefully fingers crossed..........a redesign?

Also, this statement ticks me off.

Once these buildings are demolished, they're gone. And the difference between 16 floors and 29 floors is visually insignificant (we're not talking about going from 3 floors to 29). Once you get past a certain height (150 feet?), it really doesn't make a visual difference.

For the city, that's an add'l 13 floors of economic activity - construction, transfer taxes, etc. Why is the mayor kvetching about that? Ugh.
The problem is with the 'unity of use' claims in Toll's application, under which Toll is seeking the additional height and which L&I is still mulling over last we heard. On the surface the 'unity of use' in this case seems very iffy, since they're including properties other than the lots they own and are building upon. And we don't have the concept of air rights in the Phila zoning code, which would certainly simplify things.

Here's another local case involving unity of use claims; the Commonwealth Court was not impressed.
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