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Originally Posted by Denver View Post
I still dislike it. I would like to start a Go Fund Me to send everyone at Kephart back to architecture school. I have been holding this in for a while but they truly are horrible. This project is not as offensive as some of their other projects but is still pretty bad.
I agree. It's not that the project is so horribly bad, its just that its so cookie cutter with so many other projects in Denver. Perhaps it will look better completed than the drawings suggest - that happens sometimes. The drawings don't seem to be of the highest quality.

That's why I like the new 17th Avenue project - some interesting new angles, variation both vertically and horizontally, and a mix of colors and materials that work well together.

Be interesting to look at the 20 biggest apartment projects in Denver built or under construction in the past 5 years. Which would you give an "A", or "B" to for design, as opposed to "C" or worse? I'm afraid the A and B list is quite short, from my perspective.

For me, Steele Creek and Coda are in the A/B category, as is MOTO and MyBlock in Cap Hill, Cadence and Platform in Union Station, Solera and Douglas in Ballbark. There's probably others.
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