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Originally Posted by Sam Hill View Post
Yep. I agree. I live in the neighborhood, and not only do I think this will fit right in, but as far as I’m concerned, the more density the better. This neighborhood is already fairly dense and walkable, but it’s still too car oriented and I would love to see the overall density increase to the point where it organically becomes more transit oriented.

Im all about the density and walkability and am perfectly fine with the project, but I dont see how this would 'fit right in'. The only thing remotely similar in the neighborhood in terms of style and height would be the Alexan Uptown which looks like a burning dumpster full of diapers, and sticks out a lot. Luckily this project is much better, but it is far different from the surrounding Victorians or brownstones or more recent apartments like One City Block, Uptown Square, St Lukes Lofts, Swallow Hill, or the new one up on York.
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