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Originally Posted by Dmajackson View Post
Let's do a little theoretical mental exercise

Halifax receives millions of dollars from the federal government. The money must be spent on ultility line improvements. After heated debate at Regional Council it is decided the money will be spent to underground utilities in key areas. The public is encouraged to submit votes with the following conditions;

- There is enough funds for 5km of roadway.
- The funds must be spent in three separate L.U.B. areas
- Each road can only receive max. 1km
- No voting for the street you live on.

My votes would be;


~1.6km towards full lengths of Birmingham, Clyde, Brenton, and Dresden. Another 0.3km towards Queen (Clyde-Morris).

This is a high pedestrian traffic area and popular with tourists. Constantly evolving and becoming more mixed-use, removing utility poles would provide space for streetscaping items, and wider sidewalks with tree wells.


~0.6km towards undergrounding on Agricola Street between Cunard and McCully.

This area has high pedestrian traffic, and is home to numerous retail establishments. The narrow sidewalks impede street maintenance and make some areas impassable during winter. No utility poles would allow snow-clearing operations to do a better job in narrow sections and allow for wider sidewalks elsewhere with tree wells.


- 0.5km towards Dutch Village Road (Joseph Howe - Alma)
- 1.0km towards Hydrostone Market area (Young/Kaye/Isleville/Gottingen)
- 1.0km towards Quinpool District (Robie - Oxford)
Without giving it a ton of thought, I'd say I agree with your suggestions.

I'd add the downtown end of Gottingen as another alternative.

Maybe some in Downtown Dartmouth too, or on key commercial sections of the Bedford Highway (this would be a tougher sell and probably not worth it.)
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