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Originally Posted by manny_santos View Post
Though I don't have pictures, there are several worth checking out in Kingston, mostly downtown along Princess Street except where noted.

- Harper's - though no relation to our Prime Minister, they have a variety of gourmet burgers. A favourite of mine is their Greek burger, with lamb. Be sure to get the waffle fries.

- Pat's - excellent Cambodian restaurant. Recently moved from Divison & Elliott to Princess near Division. My favourite is their red curry chicken.

- Greco's - higher end Greek restaurant, and a large wine selection.

- Casa Dominica - higher end Italian restaurant, with tempting antipasti and some excellent pasta dishes. Located at Brock and King.

- Sima Sushi - Kingston has a large number of Japanese restaurants, but this one stands out as the best. Jina Sushi (Johnson at University) is also worth checking out, if for nothing else but their green tea.

- Pilot House - anyone I know who has been to England will profess to this being an authentic English pub, complete with great fish 'n' chips and a pint of Guinness. Located at King and Johnson. (Warning: Avoid the poutine)

And if you want late night eats, I look no further than Mr. Donair, right in the heart of the gritty Hub district.

If you like Chinese food, to me it's a three-way tie between East Side Village (Concession and Division), Silver Wok (King & Queen), and Leechee Gardens (Bath Road west of Days Road). Avoid the Cambodian dishes at East Side Village, their specialty is Chinese.

For its size, Kingston has a surprisingly high number of excellent restaurants. I haven't listed Chien Noir, which is supposedly the best restaurant in town, but I've never been so I can't comment on it.

As for London (Ontario)'s now been a few years since I've lived there so I can't comment too much, but one I remember liking was Waldo's on King, inside the Covent Garden Market.
Great list, some of Kingston's best. I have an aversion to Jina Sushi that's probably not fair: they used to be a different sushi joint called Sushi Q that was notorious for its food poisoning incidents. Have heard from many people that things have improved dramatically since it became Jina but still a little scared... (They also got in trouble last year for hiring foreigners not legally allowed to work in Canada).

Kingston's Japanese craze is a little off the walls (I honestly don't understand how this city can support so many of them!), but I'd like to add in Arisu (Division & Queen), Izumo Sushi (Princess & Chatham), and Aji Sai (Ontario & Johnson) as some of Kingston's best sushi.

Atomica at Market Square is another really good restaurant.. they do fancy pizzas that are really good.

In Ottawa, some amazing places are:
-Kettleman's Bagel in the Glebe
-Hintonburger on West Wellington
-And, a little tacky, but Zak's in the Byward Market makes awesome

Though no mention of Ottawa's food scene is complete without talk of O-Town's amazing shawarmas. I've heard it said that Ottawa has more Middle Eastern restaurants per capita than any other city in the world outside the Middle East, no idea if true. My personal favourite is that little one at Rideau & Dalhousie next to BarBurrito... I think they're called Shawarma Castle.
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