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I think no body will deny the fact that this is the most beautiful avenue in the state. I thought of posting this since I have seen many of our fellow friends are thinking that these kinds of roads are built by Gov of Kerala. The below picture is the part of road from Kaudiar to LMS circle. I think my friends are not much aware of the history. They may be surprised when they come to know that this road had not been widened after the state formation (in 1956). The footways have the width of two line roads. So what the gov is spending is the cost of tar, paint,lamps and offcource the cost of the flower plants in the median. Compare this cost with building huge bridges over marshy land and also the cost of land acquisitions; it is negligible. Travancore kings had made enough infrastructures like roads, medical college, engineering college, airport, observatory, courts, sports clubs, golf clubs, KSRTC and research institutes. Many people are misunderstanding these as the developments by the state gov. After the 1956, only one major road was developed and that is the NH 47 bypass from Kazhakkuttom to Kovalam

Also there is some thing with geography. Most of the city area is not reclaimed from Paddy fields (except Thampanoor and East fort bustand areas).Also there are no need for many bridges/lengthy bridges. This helps to keep the maintenance cost of the roads to be low. I have seen places in other cities where 2-3 times tarring is not helping much. TRDP is the only major project going on currently for the road project, that is too after several years of negligence. Compare this with the cost of kilometers of bridges etc. But Of course we need to develop all the cities.

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