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Originally Posted by Quixote View Post
Yeah... I beg to differ. A *trained* eye (should've included that caveat) can easily tell the difference.

LA's Historic Core could never stand in for Dallas or Houston. It has, on the other hand, occasionally stood in for NYC on film and television. But like I said, there's no fooling someone with a trained eye for cities. And why do you treat topography as some dispensable characteristic that doesn't play a major role in shaping a location's identity?
I love how LA people get so offended by the idea that LA could possibly look or feel like any other place in the Sun Belt. "How dare you compare us to a place like that!"

LA is like other places in the Sun Belt. It's not clearly distinct like New Orleans or Miami Beach. Sorry, though it is big and unique enough that you can't just say it's just another Sun Belt city.
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