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^ Because there's a difference in being a disgrace, and being ugly. The redesign won't be attractive, but no one can argue that it is a disgrace. It's an office building.

Originally Posted by Urbana View Post
I can't imagine the rendering posted here is final. I am sure SOM is working on something to make it more architecturally pleasing as we speak. I didn't see any indication that the rendering were even official, it may just be something a New York Times worker threw together
Well, it's nice to dream, but more important to read.

Asked whether architects could find a compromise design, Mr. Durst demurred. The scaled-down top, he said, "is going to be mounted on the building over the summer. There's no way to do anything at this point."

It's what will be built unless someone steps in to change minds. That would have to be the Port Authority, but it was the PA who approved the change. It would be left to their bosses (the governors) to overrule.

A closer look from the Wall Street Journal...

That's obviously an antenna as opposed to a spire.
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