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Originally Posted by The Chemist View Post
In terms of built environment (i.e. forget about the natural surroundings), how exactly is Hong Kong any different from this? I was just in Hong Kong for the first time last week and upon looking at the Hong Kong skyline from the Kowloon waterfront, all I could think was that, excluding the mountains behind the skyline, the Hong Kong skyline is EXTREMELY similar to the Lujiazui skyline as seen from the Puxi side of the river in Shanghai. Both Shanghai and Hong Kong have beautiful buildings, sci-fi buildings, awkwardly weird buildings, and there's no argument that Hong Kong has a HUGE number of cement high rises as well, and taller and more close together than they are in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong's skyline along the shorelines looks prettier and has better buildings. But yeah, I agree that much of the residential in Hong Kong is pretty depressing, too.
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