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Originally Posted by Rivernorth
The bridge functions just fine, actually. Its an active railway. Union Pacific has a locomotive travel over the bridge once or twice a year to keep its legal status active. It leads nowhere nor serves a purpose anymore in terms of frieght rail anymore, however.
OK. I've heard that it would have to rebuilt as part of this project, for whateveer reason.
When I was younger I always thought about an express big city downtown to big city downtown bus service but I never thought it would actually happen . I looked at the schedules and it is possible to go on just a day trip to many of these cities (leaving Chicago in the morning and returning back late at night) specifically Milwaukee, Indianapois, and St. Louis. I have never been to Indianapolis and would like to check it out, also when I lived downstate it was relatively easy to get to St. Louis and always thought that moving back to Chicago would mean I wouldnt be able to go back there but now I can , then of course Milwaukee is super close and I will actually go to their much advertised summerfest or just go to Milwaukee for the hell of it.
We were supposed to have high-speed rail (110mph) between Chicago and STL functioning at some point this decade which would have theoretically made this possible. Not sure what happened with that.

But I doubt Amtrak would have gotten you there for under $2 each way!
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