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Grizzly didn't cover it........should have come prepared for rabid elephant last night........nothing new I suppose, but the sheer ignorance on display last night (mainly thinking here with respect to density, traffic, parking, and congestion-at-large) was truly breathtaking........there are so, so, so many unit owners at the 910 building that do not really belong living in downtown Chicago.....just a very anti-urban, know-nothing sentiment on display in general........

To Burns' credit, however, he did serve up several reality-checks for the NIMBYs throughout the evening.......I have to say that, although I'm as skeptical as ever of all aldergoblins, digesting all his comments through the meeting, he at least projected an urban/density/growth (you know, this is what cities are, and this is what they do) sensibility - more so, in fact, then perhaps any other alderman I can recall personally recall at the, that's a good sign, at least........
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