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Hamilton area trails

There was a bit of trail discussion in the thread for Platinum Condos, and after a quick search I didn't see a thread for the topic. Hence this one.

A few months ago I got memberships for the Hamilton Conservation Authority and Royal Botanical Gardens for me and my wife. While there's no cost to walk the trails of the RBG, and it's easy to freely enter many of the HCA's sites, the passes do allow access to parking and other amenities.

Yesterday we walked most of the trails at Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve, which I was unfamiliar with before looking up potential destinations. It seemed like it would be a quieter area than others for a Sunday, and it definitely was. We followed it up with drinks and snacks at the Thirsty Cactus, which I haven't been to in years but has a decent patio and the food is good.

We live not far from the Chedoke Radial Trail too, and use it quite often, especially when it's not so bloody hot and humid out.
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