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What money from the province? The way it's going this province will be broke in less than 10 years; cuts in education, health and road infrastructures are in ruins. But yes, there's money for a cultural infrastructure. Gimme a break! We want a new downtown events centre, but I wouldn't hold my breath for THAT money.
I have hopes this province will eventually focus on bringing density to its municipalities so that it can eventually have the funds to support education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

An investment in a downtown events centre would be a vital part of growing Moncton's economy IF Moncton also had sustainable urban planning legislation to draw future development 'inward' to the core, after the events centre brings these jobs and services. However: Without a plan, building the Moncton Centre to stimulate the economy is going to be like trying to spark a fire on a wet log...

Without a plan, future development will still establish itself 'outward'; hence, the City will not reap the economic benefits, and will be burdened with the additional debt from the Moncton Centre.

Urban sprawl never pays for itself. The density of the suburbs and the rural areas of the province is far too low to garnish enough tax revenue to pay for its infrastructure and public services (schools, hospitals, etc...).

This is one of the biggest contributing factors to debt in this province, in every province -- to virtually all of the developed world. The budgetary problems in New Brunswick are not unique to New Brunswick. The answers are out there; we just have to start paying attention to them!

The events centre is a smart investment.
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