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My new signature is a tongue-in-cheek response to this:
just in case you missed that Seattle thread and are wondering why I'm bothering to (un)compare us to Boulder, of all places...

Any reference to the word "hipster" made my me has to be somewhat facetious. The word doesn't have such an awful association in my mind (until people start talking about white belts, black hair, emo, and PBR, at least), certainly better than, say, "hippie"--yuck. Take Holocene, for instance. That place is chock full of people that I'd consider hipsters. Fashion designers, filmmakers, artists, musicians, and on and on. Most of them are friendly, doing good things, and some of them even have lefty politics and good style, an unusual and IMO healthy combination. If that's hipster, I'll take it.
I'm one of them. You yourself have a scooter, ay?

Weed might as well be legal in this city. In fact, we should have a smiley face with a joint in its mouth.

Anyways, back to the tram... which I'm looking out at through the smoke and haze right now.
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