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Originally Posted by glowrock View Post
My god, this crap's got to end. The Woodlawn neighbors association has simply lost its collective mind, if in fact they ever had one! The Obama Center could finally be a true catalyst for some real development to be had in the Woodlawn area, helping everyone with somewhat increased property values, fewer vacant homes/lots and an all-around gentle cleaning of the area, if you will. It's not going to cause a massive redevelopment boom like what Wicker and Logan have undergone the last decade or two, but it SHOULD certainly bring some fresh faces and new money into the general area! What in the hell is wrong with that? It's not like any new development in Woodlawn is going to feature million dollar condos!

Aaron (Glowrock)

A few single family homes have sold or been on the market for at least $600,000 in the area though.
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